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TELEHEALTH is a way for you, the patient, to have alternative access to healthcare. It is a unique opportunity for you to engage with your therapist to work towards your treatment goals.

       TeleHealth comes in various forms, such as video-based formats, online chat, or online audio.

These forms are all safe and secure to protect your information and privacy.

TeleHealth visits must be initiated by you, the patient.

You can call us directly, email, or click here to request an appointment.


New To TeleHealth?

We know new things are, well, NEW! Here's a video showing what you can expect from our TeleHealth Therapists.

If you would like someone to contact you regarding a new TELEHEALTH VISIT,


Tips for the best

Video Session

We want you to have the best experience with your video sessions. Here's a few easy tips:


If using a cellular or WiFi connection, make sure you have 4-5 bars. 1-3 produces freezing and problems connecting with your therapist.

 You might consider setting up your session in the room with the best WiFi connection.

Use an Ethernet cable to plug into your laptop when you can.


If using a cell phone, you might have better luck going to a park or a friends home where reception is better, just for your session.


Point the camera straight at you, don't hold it in your hand. You will have to move around in several ways during the session. Prop the phone or laptop on a shelf and step back. You should be able to see your entire body on the screen.

Why TeleHealth?

There are many  reasons why you might choose a TeleHealth visit over an in-clinic visit. Here a few examples:
  • Living in a rural area or too far from my preferred therapist/provider.
  • Lack of transportation.
  • Illness or injury that prevents you from wanting to get out of the home.
  • Unable to leave children or family member that you care for.
  • Unable too leave work, but able to take a break from work at work.

Things to consider

You want customized care? Adding TeleHealth gives you a health care experience like no other.


Being in your home or work environment, you and your therapist can better address specific problems you are having with your day-to-day function. Just imagine being able to show your therapist your work set up, sport specific issues, or problems working in your kitchen.

No one person lives like the other, and TeleHealth can help your therapist get to the bottom of the problem like never before!

Does my insurance cover TeleHealth?

While things are still changing every day, it is safe to say that every major Insurance Carrier is mandated during the Covid-19 Crisis to cover TeleHealth services for Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy Services. However we can and will assist you in verifying whether your particular plan includes these services.

What our customers are saying

I really enjoyed my first session! They made it fun and I was able to ask my questions and see my therapist very clearly.

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